Moved to WordPress

Unfortunately Squarespace (although nice and tidy looking) were unable to offer what I wanted for this website. The menus within Squarespace were very limited and unable to offer a sub menu (Drop down) and I thought with the amount of pages I need to include in the site itself it just was not going to work.

Squarespace failed to deliver my needs

I did look at all their templates and contacted their support staff and they advised me it was not something they offered or supported at this time, great shame.

I looked for my needs…

I decided to go with Squarespace initially as I wanted to give something back to a YouTuber (Thomas Heaton) I watch all the time and they sponsor his page. I even tried to find a gallery page that could be used to hold all my images, I just could not find anything I could use. So my apologies to both Squarespace and Thomas Heaton.

Anyway, thank you for reading hope to see you back soon.



Content updated on Sunday, May 10, 2020 by Paul W. Baker

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